A Toni’s Story–How We Help

How does Toni’s Kitchen help people in our community?  Here’s just one example:

Recently, a gentleman who we’ll call Hamid contacted us.  He had recently had back surgery but was unable to return to his physically demanding job as a chef, and unable to collect any disability.  His family (wife and two teenage children) quickly faced eviction and other financial hardships.  Hamid was obviously uncomfortable having to ask for help; he was a hard worker who was always able to care for his family and never had to ask for any help.  He began getting backpacks of healthy staples and fresh produce along with some basic toiletries from Toni’s each week while a friend of his provided his family with an apartment free of rent until he could begin work again.

Hamid has since healed enough and found a position that is not too demanding and he no longer needs our backpacks. He was very grateful for our generosity.

We see many families like Hamid’s: hard-working but faced with a crisis that they are unable to weather financially.  At Toni’s Kitchen, we strive to use food as a stabilizing measure that can help keep families and individuals sustained with healthy food while they try to regain traction in their lives.

We rely on the support of our donors and volunteers to help fight hunger right here in our community.  Please join us by donating, or volunteering.  Thank you!