A “Toni’s” Story

helping handsRichard (not his real name), a middle-aged guest at Toni’s Kitchen, has had serious health issues, one of which was treated by surgery within the past year.  This surgery had to be postponed more than once until his blood pressure was brought under control.


When Richard came to our blood pressure screening last Thursday, his readings were high.  A volunteer RN began asking questions.  She quickly found out that he had been periodically skipping/rationing his medications to make them last longer.


The problem was that his health insurance under the Affordable Care Act had been cancelled by the carrier March 31st, apparently in error.  While Richard was appealing their decision he had no means to pay the $290 cost of renewing his 6 prescriptions on his SSDI income of $960 a month.


Our volunteer accompanied Richard to the local CVS where the prescriptions were filled at Toni’s Kitchen’s expense.  Support from generous donors lets us make a difference in our guests’ lives, one person at a time.


Toni’s Kitchen provides free and regular screening for blood pressure and glucose for our guests.  This service helps our guests get vital information about their health.


Food brings us together, caring makes a difference.