Home Again

Linda loves many things about her apartment: the balcony, the grassy view and, most of all, she can call it home.  Two years ago, Linda was homeless.  Linda’s company downsized and she depleted her savings looking for work and caring for her elderly parents.

While living in a shelter, Linda was also a guest at Toni’s Kitchen.  Here, Linda, found the Whole Health Program.  Whole Health is a program that helps guests aged 55 and above find housing, navigate healthcare and financial issues and connect with supportive counseling.  “Konstanin Kadomskiy, the Program Coordinator, helped me get counseling, assistance with benefit applications and my apartment,” said Linda.  “He was with me every step.”

Linda’s story is not unique.  Homelessness can be temporary while independence is rebuilt.  A slip in stability can be remedied.  While there is more work to be done, it is good to pause and reflect on small steps with lasting results.

Toni’s Kitchen partners with the Mental Health Association of Essex County to provide Whole Health services for our guests.  The program is funded by the United Way and through matching funds provided by Partners for Health Foundation.