Kids Helping Kids at Toni’s Kitchen

Backpack Delivery 5-29-15

David and Georgia Aishton with their wagon full of backpacks of healthy food for students (Photo provided by Jodi Aishton)

One of the great things about Toni’s Kitchen is how families are able to get involved in preparing and delivering meals for the needy we serve.

Lately every Thursday afternoon, Jodi Aishton and her children Georgia and David would come by Toni’s with their wagon. They would load the wagon with backpacks of food and deliver them to the low-income students taking part in a tutoring program at the Montclair Public Library run by Succeed2Gether.  Other families would deliver backpacks on other days.

This is part of our program to provide students a backpack full of nutritious staples that they can use to make meals throughout the week.  Each backpack contains healthy food and snacks like apple sauce, peanut butter, tuna, raisins, and grains (breads and oatmeal).  You can find out more about our backpack program here:

The dedication of the Aishton family and the other families who volunteer at Toni’s Kitchen is amazing!  We salute Georgia, David, their mom Jodi and all the families who help us at Toni’s for their work!