Kids Make It Happen at Toni’s Kitchen

At Toni’s Kitchen, we are so grateful for all of the donations we get from so many in our community.  But we have a special place in our hearts for the kids who bake, cook, pack, and deliver healthy food for our guests.  We have a long tradition at Toni’s of welcoming young people into the kitchen and into our programs.  We love when kids learn the message of giving and helping those in need at an early age.  Here’s some recent examples of how kids pitch in at Toni’s:

Stella and Emma made these trays of homemade lasagna and donated them.  Our guests can heat up the lasagna at home and enjoy!








Lilly delivered cookies from Linden Avenue School in Glen Ridge:










Charlie recently celebrated her 4th birthday by asking her friends to support her community and Toni’s Kitchen:










Lola and Zoe Zimet worked all afternoon with Riley O’Sullivan to make a lovely take-away for our guests:








Thanks to all the amazing kids who make it happen at Tonis’ Kitchen!