Local Solutions Prove Effective in Keeping Hunger Away

Alan Meyers picks up backpacks as part of Toni’s Kitchen’s partnership with the Succeed2Gether local tutoring program.

At Toni’s Kitchen, we are big believers in local solutions. And that is especially true when it comes to hunger. Children who need food in their cupboards are right here in our schools and on our playgrounds. Our own local crossing guards and bank tellers have slim paychecks that sometimes make healthy food out of reach. Many of our senior citizen neighbors never regained their sure footing after the recession. While the need is here in our backyard, so too is the know how and willingness to step in and address the food needs in our midst.

What do these solutions look like? They are as diverse as those with food need. Earle picks up healthy salads for gatherings of senior citizens. Joe brings hot meals to young men being mentored through their teens. The YMCA makes sure kids go home with backpacks of healthy food when their families need an extra boost. And Beatrice and Carolyn make fresh, hearty soups to serve in our dining room. “We make soups with very low salt,” Carolyn notes, “because quite a few of our guests are watching their sodium intake.”

By knowing our neighbors, we can extend our hand in ways that are effective and help strengthen neighbors while respecting their dignity. We love being local!