Senior Summer Health

Summer brings special challenges for our older neighbors.  Dehydration and exhaustion can sneak up on seniors whose bodies are less efficient at cooling down in summer heat.  There are some simple steps that have a big benefit for seniors.

In our area, 14% of our older neighbors are food insecure.  At Toni’s Kitchen, we offer a meal and a cool place for seniors to gather with friends.

Drop by Toni’s and donate your extra sun hats or a fresh bottle of sunscreen.  Our senior guests will be thrilled.

Brings us a donation of fresh produce and we will pack it up for our seniors to have at home.  Fresh fruits and vegetables help keep seniors hydrated and having them on-hand at home means they don’t have to come out if the weather is too hot.

We’re grateful for the support of our community as we work to help our seniors stay healthy during the summer.