Toni’s Kitchen Creates Programs to Address Summer Food Needs

sun graphic 2At Toni’s Kitchen, summer is a busy time.  Food needs and food insecurity change during these hot months.  As nutrition requirements shift, the way our food insecure population accesses food also changes.  At Toni’s, we step in to ensure access to high-quality nutrition for our most at-risk populations: children and senior citizens.

For children, school lunch is no longer available and families scramble with higher food costs at the same time child care and summer camp costs also kick in.  At Toni’s, we work with several local programs to ensure that low-income families have high quality nutrition available all summer long.  When children gather in summer camps, academic programs or affordable daycare, they will also find yummy nutritious food available.  For some, our cooks will prepare fresh meals to be served on site.  For others, we will send backpacks filled with healthy food — tuna, oatmeal, shelf-stable milk, peanut butter — to go home with children and their families.

In addition to our focus on nutrition during the summer, we will be working with senior citizens to ensure their food needs are also met.  For older adults, nutritional requirements are heightened during these months.  They are especially at risk when coming out on the hottest days.  Toni’s will be sending fresh produce and staples home with our seniors to make sure they are securely situated on the hottest days.

Through meals served on-site, and out food out into the community, we are addressing growing need.  Thank you for making this happen.  We welcome all your support!