Toni’s Kitchen Welcomes Stacey Cooper As New Kitchen Manager

Toni’s Kitchen is thrilled to introduce our new Kitchen Manager, Stacey Cooper.

Stacey has been a great volunteer with Toni’s for a number of years.  About a year and a half ago, Stacey was a driving force in establishing the Healthy Backpack program, which has been a huge success for Toni’s.  Stacey put together the plan for what should go in the backpacks, figuring out how to fill them, and getting them out into the community.  Toni’s is now packing 150 backpacks a week!

As the Kitchen Manager, Stacey will be using her organizational skills and her work experience as a manager in the cosmetology industry.  She will work on menu planning to set up the lead cooks for the day’s meal preparation.  She will also be dealing with incorporating the many in-kind donations that Toni’s Kitchen receives into planning for the meals.  Stacey will be working closely with Veronique Ramsey as we expand our kitchen to seven days a week.

Like so many of the people who work and volunteer at Toni’s, Stacey sees it as a unique and special place.  “Everyone is so happy to be here,” she says.  “Its such a welcoming community in every aspect, whether you are a guest that’s here, or you’re a volunteer, or you’re from a completely different faith or church, it really is reaching out to everyone and telling them that they are welcome.”

Stacey says that even the quality of the food served says a lot about the kind of place Toni’s Kitchen is.  “You walk in and it smells like they care.”

One of Stacey’s goals in her new position is to spread her enthusiasm for Toni’s and to tap into people’s interest to give back to the community.  She believes that when someone helps another person in need, the person doing the giving gets something, too.  “You walk away with so much more, and so for everyone to be able to find that is important for me.”

Please join us in welcoming Stacey to her new role!