Join the Toni’s Kitchen Riders in the Battle Against Hunger Bike Tour!


What is the “Battle Against Hunger” (BAH)? The Battle Against Hunger is a nondenominational charity devoted to increasing public awareness about hunger and raising funds for charity kitchens and food pantries in New Jersey. Since its inception, the BAH has raised over $1,000,000. All funds raised by the riders go to their specific feeding…

Toni’s Kitchen Marching in Montclair Fourth of July Parade


There’s nothing more fun than marching with the Toni’s Kitchen volunteers in the Montclair 4th of July parade! Join us for a 1.6 mile walk through Montclair – we’ll be putting on our TK t-shirts and aprons and banging pots and pans while we celebrate the work of our volunteers!  There will be a float, marchers and…

Happy Summer!

Flip Flops Beach

Summer is here!!! Leaving town for vacation this summer? Don’t come back to spoiled food! Bring us any unopened, unexpired food from your fridge or cabinets and we will get it to a family with food need. It’s easy to think of others during the summer!

Volunteer Profile: Jana Joyce

jana 1

It’s 9 AM at Toni’s Kitchen and lead chef Jana Joyce is already a whirl of activity. She’s jump-starting the prep work: hauling a crate of potatoes from the pantry to a kitchen counter, starting the roux for today’s soup and peeling about three dozen carrots. With her iphone blasting Aretha and a quick jolt of coffee, Jana is ready…

Listening In The Kitchen–A Toni’s Kitchen Podcast

podcast graphic JPG

Toni’s Kitchen is proud to present “Listening in the Kitchen,” a new podcast that tells the story of Toni’s Kitchen in a new way–through audio interviews with volunteers and guests of Toni’s Kitchen.  “Listening in the Kitchen” was produced by Toni’s Kitchen volunteer Elinor Meeks, and portrays a unique community resource that functions as a…

A “Toni’s” Story

helping hands

Richard (not his real name), a middle-aged guest at Toni’s Kitchen, has had serious health issues, one of which was treated by surgery within the past year.  This surgery had to be postponed more than once until his blood pressure was brought under control.   When Richard came to our blood pressure screening last Thursday,…