Community Outreach for Families

Poverty in families can be especially devastating.  Toni’s Kitchen connects with low-income families in the community through tutoring programs, mentoring and counseling groups, and summer camps.  We have developed an extensive backpack program to provide healthy food at these gatherings to help improve family nutrition while preserving respect and dignity.

In 2015, Toni’s Kitchen provided 1,912 backpacks and pantry bags are part of our outreach programs, which equals more than 22,000 meals for needy families.

For more info about the backpack program, click here:

As part of our continuing effort to provide food assistance to people in our area in need, Toni’s Kitchen has also started a food program for local day laborers–a particularly vulnerable group in our community.  The program provides laborers with healthy staples like rice, beans, and tuna each week.  Also included, thanks to a grant from the Partners For Health Foundation, is a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.  You can find out more about the program here: