Director’s Blog

by Anne Mernin, Director of Outreach for Toni’s Kitchen

Summer 2018

Dear Neighbors:

As our community takes on the bright colors and shifting cadence of summer, some of our neighbors with food needs will encounter challenging times.  Parents put on a brave face to hide their worries about the added costs of childcare and food.  Senior citizens will think carefully about buying food or turning on their air conditioning.

At Toni’s Kitchen, we know that there are solutions to these challenges.  A free lunch at our local library invites children to engage and learn.  Seniors can enjoy a meal and a cool place when they gather with friends at Toni’s.  A backpack of healthy food to take home from academic programs or affordable summer camps lifts food worries from parents whose income does not increase as the high cost of summer arrives.

Summer is Toni’s busiest time of year.  We hope you can come by and help us prepare healthy meals or deliver food to partner programs.  Make a financial contribution and we will put it to good work feeding families and seniors!

Summer memories are ones we return to throughout our lives.  Families with limited resources can have hunger-free summer memories with just a bit of extra effort and giving in our community.

Thank you in advance for thinking of us and supporting our work!

Happy summertime!

Anne Mernin