How Toni’s Kitchen Helps Our Guests

helping handsAt Toni’s Kitchen, we are all about improving the lives of our guests.  The work we do impacts the lives of the needy in our community every day.
Andre (not his real name), one of our regular guests, works two jobs and has a long bus ride from one job to the other.  After eating his meal at Toni’s, Andre uses the takeaway food we provide to our guests as his dinner on the way to his second job.
Another one of our guests, Don (not his real name), had his right leg amputated in 2013.  Recently, we received a call that he was in the hospital again.  Don has no family or friends.  His first visitor was a volunteer from Toni’s Kitchen who brought him a poinsettia and some fellowship and tried to lift his spirits.  Don developed gangrene in his left foot and has now had his left leg amputated as well.  The volunteer from Toni’s has continued to visit Don at the rehab facility where is recovering.
In addition to the meals we serve, Toni’s Kitchen is increasingly helping out in the community.  We connect with local, low-income families through tutoring programs, mentoring and counseling groups, and summer camps.  By providing food at these gatherings, we help improve family health in the community.
We also help our guests with medical care, emotional support, case management, and a whole lot more.
Your support of Toni’s Kitchen makes a real difference in the lives of people right here in our community who are in need.  Please help us as we work to fulfill our mission.  We can’t do it without you!